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Chris Della Fave is an design consultant, animatior, 3D artist, union on set editor and American landscape  photographer. His work examines a range of commercial genres, including interior design, landscape, architecture, food and fashion.  As a 3D Artist specializing in architecture, Christopher’s creations have aided in the design of private residences, schools, hotels, department stores, businesses, multistory mixed use structures and sprawling tropical resorts. He has collaborated as a 3D artist on several high profile projects. Including properties and interiors featured on The Kardashians and Million Dollar Listing. As well as, Chris provided the 3D artwork and renderings for a home recently published on the cover of Architectural Digest. His vast technical knowledge and ability to understand the complex needs of designers, architects and/or property owners, allow him to apply an unparallel level quality in conceptual 3D artwork and renderings he provides. All of Chris’ images, animations and models hope to portray architectural characteristics, embossed in detail, sometimes fantastical, in order to present someone’s idea in the best vignette possible. Chris’ first formal collection of photography is underway. It is described as a photographic study of landscapes lost. The applied digital manipulation that is used attempots to push the envelope for the genre of photography. Chris has adapted long and multiple exposure techniques to create a photographic compositing process that reveals the lost details of our natural world.  

“Previous generations altered the planet and our environments. Our cities are void of nature elements. Our natural world was removed by past generations in the name of urban comfort and human safety“.  

  This collection is considered an examination of the scenes, objects and animals we bulldozed in order to build our cities, highways and footbal stadiums.   Della Fave’s photography is printed in large and medium-scale formats. No exhibition is currently planned. The work is also available to view online at